Friday, May 27, 2011

The Pocahontas Crier

This is the first post of the newest publication in Pocahontas County.  The people of Pocahontas County need an anonymous means by which to communicate with each other in these troubled times of great political corruption, misdirection & deceit.  With this in mind,  three local entities have joined together to publish an educational digest setting forth our individual and collective rights and responsibilities as local Citizens named The Pocahontas Crier,  a newsletter of what is happening in West Virginia and the United States named the Signal Fires of WV; and the locally "famous" and now "infamous" Pocahontas Commentator.    To ensure an anonymous window to these publications for local citizens to speak their mind, we are adding the Voice of Pocahontas County name Vtater which is the local forum for the public to speak out.  These four publications will allow a broad and firm layer of communication so that the truth can be spread to all Citizens. When we all have the 'Truth', for a change, then we can make the right decisions -- for after all, the 'Truth shall set us Free'! 
                        We are not interested in "who you are" but "what you have to say!" 
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Click here to see our encyclopedia of Pocahontas History

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