Saturday, May 28, 2011


WHAT does a redneck, sodomite & lawyer all have in common?  Answer:  The Pocahontas County Commission!  Anyone who suffers through watching these "Three Stooges" on the county commission know full well by now just how absurd those meetings have become -- and just how incomptetent these three-buffoons appear on TV!  Their recent meeting is a prime example!

The commission appears as a free-candy-store, or more like a "free-money-store" whereby almost any group can come in and ask for TAXPAYER'S MONEY and get a free handout!  Since when is local government supposed to handout money to every Tom, Dick & Harry who comes in with hat-in-hand?  If they have money to give away -- why not RETURN IT TO THE TAXPAYERS of this county -- or put the funds into some form of Public Works Project that will benefit the whole, instead of a favoured few?

How many years has it been that the so-called "High Rocks" group has been around this county living off of public funds -- while claiming to be a "nonprofit"?  Have they ever survived a single year without being on the public dole?  Are they any different than any given CHURCH in this county -- yet you don't see the various churches lining up for a free-handout!  The so-called head of "High Rocks" brought her usual "dog & pony" show, or to be more precise, her little "drama-club" whereby a handful of participants stood up and repeated how much "High Rocks" had brought them out of their shyness in order to stand up in a public meeting and repeat their own name!  WOW!  WHIPPY DO!  Does that qualify any group for $25,000.00 of free public money?  Of course not, it's just another scam perpetrated by the same recycled con-artists who milk this county every season!  Oh, let's not forget, once they got the money from the "Three Stooges" -- the "High Rocks" groupees went giddily on their way -- expecting to return begging next year of course!  When will the commission ever say ENOUGH of this nonsense!

Now when the local Humane Society requested funds to care for abandoned or injured animals & such -- the "Three Stooges" voted that down since the redneck & lawyer thought all animals cared for beyond ONE MONTH should be KILLED!  Now just think about this -- someone brings in or abandons a pet that they have had, and the animal shelter cares for it, expending whatever funds are required for 30 days -- and THEN THE "SHELTER" IS SUPPOSED TO KILL THE ANIMAL which has done nothing wrong but been abandoned!  Dah!  Haven't these so-called "commissioners" ever heard about the NO KILL SHELTERS that are springing up everywhere across America?  Guess not!  But we have to wonder, what if the shelter took in a whole bunch of inbred-bear-dogs whose only purpose is to run, tree & kill BEARS -- you can't make a pet out of these beasts, that's why they are kept on short-chains & half-starved instead of sitting at your feet next to the woodstove or fireplace or on your lap -- these beasts don't fit into a Norman Rockwell painting!  If any animals should be put down, its them since they have no other earthly purpose!

And finally, in comes a spokesman, hat-in-hand, asking for $500.00 in order to start some kind of "farmer's market" and the funds are for establishing the new group, as well as supposedly to acquire "liability insurance"!  DAH!  Here's a group NOT YET FORMALLY ORGANIZED that is requesting TAXPAYER'S MONEY to set up a "farmer's market" that will be held in Marlinton at or near where the old-hospital was once located!  DAH again!  Chances are that the persons coming to sell their produce/products, etc., as well as buyers of such, all have vehicle-insurance in case of a fender-bender, and the TOWN OF MARLINTON ALREADY HAS LIABLITY INSURANCE since the proposed site is on public land/property -- so why does some upstart group need such funds?  Oh, that doesn't matter since a not-so-bright member of the county commission simply made a motion to give this upstart group upwards to $2000.00 -- four times more than what was asked for!  How's that for "REPRESENTATION" Folks?  It's worse than "taxation without representation"!  Again, how do you spell "imcompetence"?

One last reminder, if you ever plan on buying anything from this proposed "farmer's market" -- don't forget to ask if the farmer's land or garden has first been treated with recycled "human-waste" via “Meck’s enterprises” -- or what is more commonly & crudely referred to as a "sheist-farm" -- the first of which is none other than that of former magistrate, Bill Heavener!  Wonder how those farmers who are trying to raise their livestock WITHOUT CHEMICALS will like having their lands border a "sheist-farm"???  For that matter, how will anyone like the "smell" of freshly spread "sheist"!

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